The best and most cost efficient improvement – exterior can handle color – latest trends for interior walls are various shades of white – wedding cake moldings should be highlighted.


All of the duplexes enjoy hardwood floors – it’s messy and inconvenient to move everything, however, re-sanding or re-staining will really make the floors “pop” – they will look so inviting, you won’t want to move.

Tile Restoration

Preserve the original tile whenever possible. If necessary, re-grout the tile to give it a restored look.

Lighting Fixtures

Are your lighting fixtures period pieces? Get rid of those ceiling fans. I have sources for lighting fixtures – original in design or beautiful reproductions.


Make sure to clean your windows. Re-screening them is inexpensive, so if they are old or torn, be sure to replace them.


Expose the Batchelder tile if it’s painted over – get creative with colors, mantels.


Not all kitchens need to be remodeled. New appliances and flooring will make the difference – linoleum tile square flooring works beautifully. Make sure your electrical outlets are GFCI.


Most clients looking for restored duplexes will want the art deco tiled baths intact. I have sources to make that old tub look like new – you can redo a cracked tile floor to match your existing tile.


Replace the hardware on doors and drawers if it’s not original – replace heating registers.


Trim mature landscaping, especially older trees. Planting flowers can also add pops of bright, fresh color to the exterior of the property without having to re-paint.


Staging a vacant unit will make all the difference if you want a quick sale.  I have staging experience and can include staging as part of my services when your property is listed.

Decluttering & Pets

Pack up all of the unnecessary items and put them in the garage or an offsite storage unit. Also, put away the dogs beds and make sure the kitty litter is fresh. Pet odors can easily deter a potential buyer.

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