Beverly Hills

There are more duplex properties in Beverly Hills than you would think. The concentration of them are in Southern Beverly Hills. You’ll find beautiful duplexes in the 400 South Blocks of Roxbury and Bedford, Spalding, Lasky, Robbins, Durant (near the BHHS), Smithwood, Reeves, Olympic Boulevard, Elm, Rexford, Canon, Oakhurst and Palm. In the Southeasterly portion of Beverly Hills, you will find Spanish duplexes on North La Peer, Almont, Swall, Clark, Arnaz, Gale and Hamilton. Most of these duplexes are Spanish style and are nearby parks, the four elementary schools and the high school in Beverly Hills.

South Carthay, Carthay Circle and Carthay Square

South Carthay and Carthay Circle are in HPOZ areas (Historic Protection Overlay Zones) and this is an area of high demand. There are beautiful duplexes on the 1000 South Block of Alfred and the 1000-1200 Blocks of Crescent Heights. These are primarily Spanish Revival with intricate details, including beautiful stained glass front windows. Carthay Square has several blocks with outstanding duplexes from the 1200 Block of Stearns, the 1000 to 1200 Blocks of Point View and Hayworth. The boundaries for South Carthay are South of Olympic, North of Pico, West of Crescent Heights Boulevard and Est of La Cienega. Carthay Square’s boundaries are South of Olympic, North of Pico, West of Fairfax and East of Crescent Heights. You will find smaller side by side duplexes on the sleepy and attractive streets of Hayes and Commodore Sloat in the Carthay Circle area. The boundaries for Carthay Circle are South of Wilshire, North of Olympic, West of Fairfax and East of Schumacher.

Wilshire Vista (Los Angeles)

This area of Los Angeles has exploded in the past two years (South of San Vicente, North of Pico, West of Hauser, and East of Fairfax). You will find exquisite duplexes on Orange Grove, Odgen, Genesee, Stanley, Ellsmere, Curson, Sierra Bonita, Masselin, Carmona, Hauser, Burnside, Ridgeley and the surrounding neighborhoods to the North and South. This zip code of 90019 was one of the most appreciated areas in the past two years nationwide, according to a study by AOL.

Miracle Mile, Beverly Center, Beverly Grove Areas

This area has exploded over the past several years due to the refurbished and expanded Farmer’s Market and The Grove. There are numerous duplexes in these areas walking distance to hip and trendy stores and restaurants. Just to name a few: Blackburn, 4th Street, 6th Street, Orange and to the north of 3rd Street – Orlando, Kings, Harper, La Jolla, and Kilkea.

West Hollywood

Exciting West Hollywood has always been in demand. The boundaries of West Hollywood zig and zag, however, following the boundaries that the MLS, they are North of Melrose, South of Fountain/Sunset, West of La Brea, and East of Doheny. You will find a smattering of duplexes throughout this area, generally mixed in with single family housing.

Hancock Park Adj.

These are the most prestigious duplexes in the city of Los Angeles. The duplexes here were built to blend into the neighboring single family residences and have been meticulously maintained and restored. The duplex streets are Orange and Mansfield (approximately 400 units were built in this area) and they are approximately 4500-5000 square feet of living space. You will find a mix of styles ranging from Mediterranean to Spanish to English Tudor to Traditional. The three and four bedroom duplexes in this desirable area command between $1,750,000 and well over the $2,000,000 mark.

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